Mini-rant on led lights

“Demographically, big fans of these lights are drivers of raised 4×4 pickups with deafening exhaust systems who tail other drivers no matter how fast they’re driving. Lighting on the roads has become an intimidation tactic.”

Leaf blowers, motorcyles, and suburban mating

“In satisfying the primitive instinct to ward off would-be intruders, the release of a loud, threatening sound also helps powerless people to feel important and strong. It’s the modern-day battle cry.”

Monsters in motion

“Reality is curvy, constantly moving, and a bit clumsy.” “Reality is smelly, messy, vicious.”

Windowless I

“Living a life predominately dictated by symbols reveals a mind that has been conditioned to respond, follow, and obey rather than to think. It is a mind stuffed with arbitrary categories that filter and censor the vastly more complicated flow of reality.”


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