-isms of interest

Skepticism, cynicism

Existentialism, Epicureanism

Quietism, individualism, solipsism

Atheism, agnosticism

Determinism, non-theistic transcendentalism


Philosophy, critical thinking

Social / political criticism

Classical literature and history (Greece and Rome)

Classical languages (Greek and Latin)

Writing experience and interests

Social satire

Popular philosophy

Literary criticism, textual analysis

Artistic biographies (esp. musicians and bands)

Music history

Book editing and formatting experience

Manuscript copy editing, line editing, developmental editing, proofreading

Interior formatting and design

Cover design

Music composition experience

Music clips for short films, video games, video blogs

Specialties: ambient, atmospheric, intense, progressive rock, avant-garde, hard rock, symphonic metal

Video production experience

Short films, music videos, book trailers, voice acting


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